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Dentsply Maillefer On-Line Product Catalog Contents


Maillefer now offers the X-tip intraosseous anesthesia delivery device.


Whether you prefer to centralize your inventory or provide individual patient setups, Maillefer offers the right endodontic organizers for any situation. These organizers are designed to facilitate sterilization and to maximize your efficiency. All units are sold individually, without instruments to allow for customization.


Maillefer speciality burs are machined from tungsten carbide, tungsten steel or stainless steel. They are designed to suit a variety of applications. Each one is engineered to make every procedure more efficient and every action more precise.

Hand Instrumentation

Engine Driven Instruments

Maillefer offers the dentist and endodontist Total Access with the most comprehensive range of endodontic instruments in the profession. These Swiss-made precision engineered and calibrated instruments have earned their reputation as the worlds finest. Whether you are interested in our new Micro Instruments, the extraordinary FlexoFile® and SureFlex® hand files or traditional engine driven files, you will find it all right here.


The extraordinary Densfil® system offers an efficient and predictable fill. And we’ve got it. Plus, traditional gutta-percha points and all the accessories necessary for a complete canal obturation.


Maillefer's post systems offer true breakthroughs in technology. The best of parallel and tapered system designs are here in a variety of sizes to suit any situation.


A root canal procedure is not done until the tooth is restored, and we’ve got just the thing to temporarily close the tooth.

Apex Locator

Latest multi-frequency technology enables location of the apex in most types of canal conditions.